Vee’s Bees is raw honey straight from my grandfather’s beehives in Bulgaria near the Black Sea. Wild flower honey containing nectar from over 4 000 000 flowers in a jar, over 20 vitamins and minerals, each jar unique in taste and super super beneficial for your health.

My grandfather has been a beekeeper for as long as I remember and he loves the craft! During Covid-19 I decided to help him sell honey in London and so I created a brand name for his honey and the rest of the products you see on here. This work of art has inspired me to take a leap straight into the rabbit hole of the Bees world and such wonder has come out of it! All of the products I sell on here are handmade with lots of love, by me - Victoria.

This is my grandad Ivan with some of his beehives ꕥ  

Vee’s Bees is about bringing awareness to independent beekeepers in Bulgaria. By choosing carefully the honey you buy, you also help honey bees and participate in the world Bee Action Plan.


© Victoria Valcheva
Made possible by the generous help of my grandad, Ivan.